Its been 3 years since I wrote my first and only blog about our journey.

The first was my declaration.

A declaration that we would help our son heal, grow and thrive and that we would get through this stronger.

This second chapter is about our journey so far.

A journey that few will ever understand but that many face.

A journey that was dark and lonely and painful beyond description.

But in that darkness light would break through.

It broke through with every win.

Our wins are the little things most people take for granted but for parents and the child with neurodevelopmental challenges are huge celebrations.

  • Like falling asleep before 1am and sleeping through the night.
  • Or watching the tremors in his hands go away.
  • Or having neighborhood friends come to the house.
  • And seeing your child being able to run more than a few houses down the street without having to lay on the concrete from physical exhaustion.

The light peered through at other times as well.

When family showed their support.

When Erin and I had our first date in two years.

When friends listened instead of judged.

Your real friends become apparent in the struggle. They don’t judge your actions. They don’t elude that perhaps it’s a parenting issue and not the chronic autoimmune illness they know nothing about.

The dark skies have been breaking more and more.

Tyler and Erin on a recent trip to the Massachusetts.

Tyler is at his all time healthiest and we are finding new and better solutions constantly. We are gaining steam and momentum every day.

And while, things are certainly not perfect, we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were two years ago, or one year or even 6 months ago.

We have the support of real friends and judgements now land on deaf ears.

Perhaps that’s been one of the greatest gifts in the challenge. The strength that the struggle gives you.

Little problems become that. Big problems become little ones.

Priorities become clear and values become refined.

Now we did not do this alone.

No way.

To do it alone will crush the strongest amongst us.

I walk this journey first and foremost with my beautiful wife and partner. Without whom we would find ourselves in a much different place. Who sacrificed herself to give her child a chance.

I walk it with my family and friends who have been there to listen and pick me up when i was down.

I walk with with the parents in my practice who have taught me and allowed me to teach them and provide care to their families.

I walk it with so many other parents who walk a path they never asked for but walk it nonetheless.

With their heads high, their hearts full and hope their banner flag.

Here’s to all those that have supported me and my family and to those of you that support others in similar circumstances.

Here’s to those that walk the path.

Love and blessings,