Our son Tyler was the picture of health and happiness.

Bright eyes, beaming smile, rarely even had as much as a cold.

Then something changed. After departing on a trip around the world with us at the age of 4 1/2, Tyler started displaying signs of stress midway through our 9 month trip. He would no longer leave the hotel or apartment and was experiencing bouts of rage, albeit infrequently at that time. We thought he was home sick and so we decided to end our trip early.

Upon our return we were all under extreme stress. A new home, new job and financial constraints had us all stressed to the max. Tyler started needing constant attention. He was afraid to go to the bathroom by himself and refused to leave the house. We had become prisoners in our home and things were getting worse.

What seemed like behavioral issues gradually escalated to extreme rage and violent bouts. We had to physically drag him into the car just to go on simple errands. Then we noticed the dark circles under the eyes, extreme self-imposed dietary limitations, OCD behavior and even more intense rage.

Fortunately things have begun to greatly improve. We are seeing fantastic results with from dietary changes as well as other natural solutions. Check our blogs for updates and check back soon as we will be adding to our resource section shortly.