Birthday month is rapidly approaching in our household. My son was born a week after my husband’s birthday. Not to mention the fact that he shares his birthday with his uncle and his birthday month with two cousins and his Grammie. Six August birthdays.

My mom came to visit us in the desert and we celebrated her July birthday. I happened to pick up two Hail Merry tarts (these) from the local health food store and they were so divine and rich. I was shocked to read how few ingredients they contained and decided that in lieu of spending $5 per tart, I could recreate them. BUT, I didn’t have to because Carrie at Deliciously Organic already did!

I haven’t gotten in touch with her yet, so I will just link to her site, but if you have a special occasion approaching and are in need of a little special something that will wow everyone but not dump anyone too far off the wagon. They are incredibly rich, so I would recommend making tart-lets rather than larger tarts. Even this confessed chocoholic couldn’t eat whole one. Here is the recipe. You’re welcome.


Hugs, Healing, and a little something sweet,

Mama Bear